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Dried Shrimp

Dried Shrimp

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Dried Shrimp


Dried Shrimp are packed full of Omega 3, Omega 6, Chondrotin and essential fatty acids.


They're great for supporting joints and help to aid a heathy shiny coat.


Can be used as a meal topper for both raw, kibble and wet fed dogs. They have a strong fishy smell so make them ideal as a high value training treat especially when rehydrated in water. 


Shrimps are the perfect addition to your dog’s or cat’s food, kibble, wet, raw or great for snuffle mats/boxes


These are 100%  pure natural shrimp, nothing else added!


Dried Shrimp Dog Treats are a good source of protein, while also being relatively low in calories


They can be also be used as treats for the birds!!


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