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Pure Antler Powder (Supplement) 500ml

Pure Antler Powder (Supplement) 500ml


Nova Dog Chews Pure Antler Powder Natural Supplement is an excellent way to provide your furry friend with a healthy and natural supplement. Made from 100% naturally shed deer antlers, this ground antler powder is a rich source of natural minerals and nutrients that help to improve your dog's overall health.


One of the great benefits of this supplement is that it helps reduce cholesterol levels in your dog's body. Additionally, it aids in circulation, improves metabolism, and promotes healthy bones, muscles, and joints. The supplement also helps to prevent inflammation from arthritis and supports your dog's immune system.


Using Nova Pure Antler Powder is easy. Simply sprinkle it over your dog's dry or wet food, or add it as an ingredient in homemade dog biscuits or treats. It's a convenient way to ensure your furry friend is getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy.


Nova Dog Chews Pure Antler Powder Natural Supplement is an excellent choice for any pet owner looking to provide their dogs with a healthy and natural supplement. It's easy to use, provides numerous benefits and is made from natural, high-quality ingredients.


Ingredients: 100% Natural Deer antler powder

Typical analysis: Crude protein 39.6%, Crude oils and fats 0.4%, Crude ash 49.7%, Moisture 11.8%


Suitable from 8 weeks+


Please make sure you always supervise your dog with any treats and always provide fresh drinking water. Feed as a treat or reward anytime as part of a balanced diet. Treats should be given on a non-stainable surface.

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