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Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet

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Chicken Feet

Chicken feet are a great natural supplement that can benefit your furry friend in many ways. These small treats are packed with nutrients and offer a range of benefits for dogs, including joint health and pain relief.


One of the biggest advantages of chicken feet is their high concentration of glucosamine and chondroitin. These substances are essential for maintaining healthy joints and reducing pain caused by arthritis or age-related issues. In fact, each chicken foot contains approximately 450mg of glucosamine, making it an excellent natural treatment for arthritis.


But chicken feet aren't just good for joint health. They also contain other important nutrients such as protein, calcium, and collagen, which can help improve your dog's overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, chewing on chicken feet can help promote dental health by cleaning your dog's teeth and massaging their gums.


Overall, chicken feet are a great natural supplement that can help support your dog's health in many ways. So next time you're looking for a healthy treat for your furry friend, consider giving them a chicken foot!



100% Chicken


Analytical Constituents:

Crude protein 71%

Oil & fat 5%

Moisture 12%

Crude Fibre 6%

Crud Ash 11%


Please make sure you always supervise your dog with any treats and always provide fresh drinking water. Feed as a treat or reward anytime as part of a balanced diet. Treats should be given on a non-stainable surface.



Suitable for dogs age 8 weeks +

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