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Say no to hidden nasties!

Why choose natural dog treats?


When food is dehydrated it removes moisture from the meat, Which means every mouthful is nutrient-dense and full of flavour. Your pup will absolutely LOVE them.

No nasties:

Shop bought dog treats typically contain a whole host of Ingredients that might not benefit your pup. Usually something such as some sort of additive or a filler such as grain. These can be more difficult for your dog to digest, this will make his digestive tract have to work much harder, leading to a whole myriad of potential problems, least of all an allergic reaction!

Health benefits:

Because of the process by which natural, dehydrated dog treats are made they are much healthier than highly processed pet foods and treats. They contain no additives or preservatives that are present in dried shop bought dog treats. When meat is dehydrated, all the nutritional benefits of raw meat remain intact.

Most of my treats have many health benefits, here are just a few:

- Rabbits ear with fur is a natural de-wormer

- Cut pieces of the beef trachea, a natural source of glucosamine which helps to keep your dog's joints healthy.

- Chicken feet, include important fatty acids which promote healthy skin and a shiny coat

- Top quality duck necks, a great natural teeth cleaner also great for dogs with allergies and sensitive tummy’s



Dehydrated treats are also much easier to store than raw treats and last a lot longer if stored correctly. Because of the dried nature of these treats, they are easier to transport than other treats when out and about.

Natural dog treats are a delicious, and much healthier treat for your dog.

They provide:

- More enjoyment from the treats they eat

- A better digestive health

- Improved stamina and vigour

- Better smelling breath and less tartar on the teeth

- A shinier, healthier coat

Why wouldn’t you want to treat your best friend to a better quality treat


Why choose The Doggy Delights?

Dogs & their health is my number one passion in life. At Doggy Delights we specialise in natural treats for your dog, whilst maintaining owner and dog satisfaction. Who doesn’t want to see their dog throughly enjoy their food whilst giving them lots of added health benefits? I have extensive knowledge of dogs, their health & the pet food industry and always there day or night to help you and your furbabies with any questions or concerns you may have.


Why natural?

Did you know that commercial brands such as Bakers, Wagg and Pedigree are nearly all bulked out with fillers such as cereals? They also have a very low meat content some as low as 5%! They also have lots of sugar and additives in them which make them super irresistible to dogs but because these additives can cause health issues such as paw nibbling. Think of it as choosing whether to eat a bag of sweets everyday or an apple. 


Doggy Delights treats are 100% meat with no hidden nasties. When feeding natural treats your dog gets added benefits such as improved dental health, joint support, mental stimulation the list is endless.

What age can my puppy have your treats?

Our puppy treat box & fish treat box are both suitable from 8 weeks old. The rest of our treats are suitable from 12 weeks this is because they’re natural and 100% meat.


How often should I feed furry treats to aid as a natural de wormer?

We recommend to feed twice a week and use a worm count 2-3 a year.

How much is delivery for treat boxes?

Delivery is free with any treat box!

Can I add extra treats to my treatbox?

Yes of course! If you add any extra treats when purchasing a treat box use the code ‘EXTRATREATS’ this will give you free shipping on the extras you buy.

How often should I feed these treats?

As our treats are 100% meat you can feed these daily, we recommend to take 10% out of your dogs daily food allowance to accommodate for treats.

How should I store them?

In a cool, dry place. To preserve the quality of our treats they are best stored in an airtight container. 

How long do they last? 

Our treats are air dried so all the moisture is removed, whilst retaining all the nutrition. This means that they have a lot longer shelf life than traditional or raw treats. We advise a 12 month minimum shelf life upon receiving your treats.


Why air dried? 

Air drying maintains the nutritional value of the product whilst making it convenient to travel and store whilst keeping them fresh.


My dog doesn’t like one of the treats in the treat box can I swap it?

Yes of course! We are more than happy to swap the odd item to accommodate your dogs dietary needs.


Can my cat eat your treats?

Believe it or not ... yes! We have found sprats and chicken feet are a massive hit with cats


Which are long lasting for dogs that chew a lot?

Our boredom box is great for dogs that are power chewers. Pizzles, Pork Bar, Hooves, Deer Leg, Hairy Cow Ear, Yaks, Bull Horns, Antlers and Ostrich Bones are treats we think are the toughest chews.

Can I leave him alone with a treat?

We recommend you always supervise your dog with our treats just as you would with any other treats and toys.


Which treats are best to help with teething?

All of our treats are great for teething as your pups can really get stuck in. Carrots from the fridge are great for teething dogs, also an old flannel soaked in water and popped in the freezer are perfect for teething puppies.


I don’t like the smell is there anything I can do ?

Store them in an airtight container - the smell is what is attracting your dog to the treat same as humans when our dinner smells good.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us we'll be more than happy to help. 

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