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Doggy Delights Top Natural Chews For Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth

Is brushing your dogs teeth one of them tasks you repeatedly put off? Trying to clean your dogs teeth can quite literally be as hard as pulling teeth! Whilst it is still really important to brush your dogs teeth, there are heaps of natural treats that can help your dog to keep their teeth pearly white and healthy.

Did you know that by 2 years of age 80% of dogs are showing signs of periodontal disease!

Here at Doggy Delights, all of our treats are free from any nasties. 100% natural, air dried and grain free so they are a great all rounder option for your dog both inside and out.

So hang on… Treats can be yummy and help clean my dogs teeth?

Yes! One of the many reasons I absolutely love natural treats. The chewing action scrapes away plaque and tartar from your dogs teeth, brushing there was along the teeth - quite literally natures natural toothbrush. This chewing action also stimulates saliva in the mouth and helps to rid any bacteria and bits of food still in your dogs mouth.

Deer Legs Another best seller here at Doggy Delights, we sell Deer legs both hairy and non hairy and also do an XXL option! These are a single source protein chew and are 100% venison, so again a great choice for dogs that have allergies to common proteins.

These take some chewing especially the XXL version, so it makes it a another really good option for dental hygiene.

Olive Branches One of my favourite! This is a great all rounder chew for dogs especially those who have senstive tummies or suffer with intolerances. Olive branches are a really strong chew that you dog can really get stuck into. As they chew it scrapes away plaque and tartar, whilst helping to clean their teeth.

Unlike normal sticks there are really dense so don’t splinter, however pieces of the wood may come away as your dog gnaws on the wood - this is perfect normal.

Yak Chew Yak are made from skimmed yak and cow milk, this means they’re packed full of calcium and protein. A tiny amount of lime juice is added to harden the milk, it is then compressed into blocks and smoke dried for 28 days to give the yaks there unique flavour.

Dogs really need to chew these to make them soft so make them an idea chew for dental health. If your dog isn’t a fan of yaks and you have one laying around the house, soak it in water and pop into the microwave for 30-60 to create a giant cheesy puff!

Pizzles These are a fab long lasting chew that double us as a dental chew. These are 100%, single source protein so they’re easily digestible. Pizzles keep dogs entertained whilst helping to keep their teeth clean, crunchy and tough they’re great for getting to the back teeth.

Antlers At Doggy Delights we’re passionate about only sourcing responsibility and our antlers are no different. Naturally packed full of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zine, sulphur and magnesium. Not only are they great for keeping your dogs teeth clean they contain important minerals that are crucial for keeping your dogs bones and muscles strong and healthy. Like Olive branches we have a size of antler for every breed ranging from small to jumbo.

Veggie Star Stix These vegetable based treats come in a few different shapes and sizes and 100% natural ingredients. However for dental health star stix get my vote as they’re great for getting right to the back teeth when chewed.

Chicken Feet One of our best sellers, are a great quick natural chew for dogs. Super low in calories and great for getting the to the back teeth to help remove built up food and plaque for your dogs teeth, natures natural toothbrush.

Fish Cubes These little nuggets of fish are super low in fat, packed full of omega 3 & &. They have a rough texture which makes that a fantastic choice for helping to keep your dogs teeth clean and remove plaque and tartar.

Chicken & Herb Dental Sticks Last of all, one of our newer additions - chicken and herb dental sticks. These are a fantastic alternative to supermarket dental sticks. Suitable for dogs of all ages, they help to maintain good dental hygiene whilst strengthening jaw muscles.

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