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Puppy Treat Box

Puppy Treat Box

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Puppy Treat Box

Our Puppy Treats Chew Pack is the perfect way to keep your furry friend entertained and healthy at the same time. Designed specifically with puppies aged 2-12 months in mind, this pack is filled with delicious and nutritious treats that will aid in their growth.


One of the key benefits of this pack is that it is low in fat, grease, and odor, making it perfect for indoor use. The pack includes chewing sticks to support healthy teeth and gums, ensuring that your puppy's dental health is taken care of.


The pack also contains a small soft treats that are perfect for those moments when you want to show your puppy some extra love and attention. These treats are suitable from 8 weeks old and are made with 100% UK and European products, ensuring that your puppy is getting only the best.


Contents of the pack include a sample bag of grain-free training treats, hairy rabbit ears, puffed pig snout, pork spaghetti, goat ear, chicken feet, paddywack, chicken, and beef bladder twist, duck neck, three sausages, and a handful of sprats. With such a variety of treats, your puppy will never get bored!


In conclusion, our Puppy Treats Chew Pack is a must-have for any puppy owner who wants to keep their furry friend healthy and entertained. With its low fat and grease content, dental health benefits, and a variety of delicious treats, your puppy will be well on their way to a happy and healthy life.


Contents included;

  • A Sample bag of grain free Training Treats
  • 2 x Hairy Rabbit Ears
  • 1 x Puffed Pig Snout
  • 3 x Pork Spaghetti
  • 1 x Hairy Goat Ear
  • 2 x Chicken Feet
  • 1 x Paddywack
  • 1 x Chicken & Nettle Dental Stick
  • 1 x Duck Neck
  • 3 x Sausages
  • Handful of Sprats


Please make sure you always supervise your dog with any treats and always provide fresh drinking water. Feed as a treat or reward anytime as part of a balanced diet. Treats should be given on a non-stainable surface.


*Products may occasionally be substituted if we are not happy with the quality of treats we have received or if there are stock issues